Hunting & Fishing

Conecuh County is one of the pristine hunting destinations in the Southeastern USA.  With an abundance of hunting lodges and wilderness lands, bagging a Whitetail Deer or two is common during the hunting season.   Eastern Wild Turkey and Bobwhite Quail are abundant in the County and offer multiple seasons of outdoor adventure.  Other hunting ventures include feral hogs and a variety of small game, some of the most popular with local hunters.  For more information, please visit Outdoor Alabama, the Alabama Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, or the Alabama Deer Association.

There are several interesting places for the avid fisherman to snag largemouth bass, catfish, crappie and bream. The Sepulga River provides access with 5 different boat landings in the County. The County Lake is a 20-acre lake that offers public fishing in various areas on the grounds.

Murder Creek is a small destination that can pay big dividends for those willing to trek into more remote locations – a true wilderness adventure!

The Sepulga River Canoe Trail

The Sepulga River Canoe Trail is becoming increasingly popular with nature lovers in Alabama.  With deep water, lime stone walls and a few rapids for fun, Sepulga offers a wilderness kayaking/canoe experience unique to South Alabama.  Keep your eyes peeled for an alligator or two sunning on the rocks.  Visit Alabama Scenic River Trail  or for more information.

Boggs & Boulders

Boggs & Boulders is an off-road adventure park, campground, and music venue that has over 850 acres of trails, bogs, hills, and mud pits. The park is located on County Rd. 42 near the Brooklyn community. Special features include caves, boulders, and a cool pool. Boggs and Boulders is open year round each weekend and is a place the entire family can enjoy. For more information, visit

Booker’s Mill

Booker's Mill has been  known for both its historical value and scenic beauty. The mill, built in the 1800s by prison workers, provided electricity to the neighborhood. It has long been closed as an electricity generating plant. The land and the building gave the Conecuh County residents and visitors a peaceful retreat offering a taste of the past in an award winning setting.

On the property was once located a water wheel, stone gristmill, and one of the first cotton gins in Conecuh County. The gristmill and cotton gin were destroyed by fire. There are many other attractions both old and new to enjoy on the 250 acre property. The old general store that once was the hub of the community was converted into a meeting hall and museum that houses artifacts, Indian relics, and primitive tools .The restoration has earned the owners awards from the Alabama Forestry Commission, including the Helen Mosley Memorial Award given by the state for aesthetic beauty.

The property is privately owned and is closed to the public. 

Annual Community Events

Evergreen boasts three standing annual events, all of which are perfect family outings. Evergreen is known for its annual Conecuh Sausage Festival, which is held on the third Saturday in October at the Middleton Field Airport in conjunction with the South East Regional Fly-In ( They also have the Collard Green Festival each year on the first Saturday in March at the Middleton Field Airport.


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